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Your business deserves 21st century technology.

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What 21st century means for you:


Imagine all of your business data, literally, sitting in the palm of your hand.

Real time, full functionality on-the-go. Use dashboards to visualize what is happening, then drill down to learn the details.

You are in the know.


Rest easy, knowing that the experts at AWS are managing the servers for you.

Time for an upgrade? An OS patch? Is your admin up on the latest cyber-threats? And off-site backup… No longer your worry. 99.999% uptime and you do not have to buy server hardware again.


You are poised for growth. You want a solution that will grow and scale with you. Add users without penalty.

Fasten your seatbelt.


Take that long lunch – you can check your dashboards from the mobile app.

Go to your kid’s ball game – you will get a text through your watch when that PO comes through that needs your approval.

True-cloud access any time, from anywhere, on any connected device (wifi or 4G) keeps you from missing out.


You already get the job done, but envision your business/department functioning like a well-oiled machine.

Digitizing workflows and automating redundant processes helps your team work with precision and efficiency.


We are here for you!

Gone are the days when an ERP VAR would sell you a product then ghost until your maintenance is due. The modern Software as a Service model lends itself to partnership.

The services to which you are subscribing include product support, upgrade management, period end close assistance, live education, executive business reviews, and a budget for ongoing configurations and report-writing!

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Encouraging connectivity across platforms is what is best for the customer. End of story. Use Power BI widgets, make a mail list for your HubSpot campaign. Enjoy no longer having data-entry redundancy. Open API functionality keeps your tools working together.