Reasons to Choose Global Data Solutions:

Software is an important tool, but it is only one piece of the puzzle. Applying industry-specific expertise, providing on-going training, and including support increases the likelihood and extent of customer success.

The landscape has changed. 21st century subscription models are about service.

We will:

  1. Introduce the best solution
  2. Exceed expectations
  3. Keep it simple
  4. Empower the customer
  5. Provide genuine and significant value

Instead of:

  1. Re-creating the legacy system
  2. Forgetting to put the “value” in VAR
  3. Getting bogged down with minutiae that does not yield returns
  4. Leaving them stagnant and dependent
  5. Selling software

Our Goal: Empower Three Types of Customer Partners

  • Happy Customers
  • Customers for Life
  • Raving Fans

Corny? Maybe. But we mean it, so don’t judge.


To engage Customer Partners for Life by providing world-class service and ERP consultation that empowers businesses and organizations to maximize: efficiency; quality of work environment; and overall success.



Global Data Solutions wants every business and organization to have the solutions and services that are right for them. Besides being ethical, it is good business to have happy customers!



Your success is our success.

Tell us your business goals. We will help you exceed them.



We are passionate about serving our customers as well as our community. How can we help?

Bo Wise, co-founder and President of Global Data Solutions, has worked in ERP and financial controls for over forty years.

Bo comes with a rich, blended background having held roles both as a controller and manager of an IT team early in his career. He has been a software consultant for over 30 years and has been engaged in projects at over 500 companies during that time. Bo’s depth of experience in both accounting and IT gives him a unique perspective and skillset in analyzing and improving business processes. Bo’s belief is that solid business processes are required to get the most out of any software system. He is a recognized industry expert and takes pleasure in providing the vehicle to help clients grow and meet or exceed their goals.

Bo became frustrated with the software he maintains with GDS’ sister company, ADSS Global Southeast. When it became clear that software was not going to be released as a true cloud solution, he went searching for the future – the future of his practice as well as that of his successful customers currently on legacy systems – and Global Data Solutions was born.

Kimberly Wise, co-founder and Executive Vice President of Global Data Solutions, earned her Master’s degree in Education in 2004 while completing additional graduate coursework in the M.S. CIS program of the Robinson School of Business at Georgia State University. She has taught, trained, and coached in academic as well as corporate environments for over thirty years, with specific experience in the food/bev industry, holding positions both in management and operations covering budgeting, forecasting, inventory and replenishment. Her education and CIS background provides her the skillset to dig deeper, understand, and improve the interdependencies of workflows. Kimberly appreciates seeing the systems GDS implements have a positive impact on the customer organization and bring a better quality of life to the employees.

Kimberly loves Excel, and enjoys reporting and analytics more than is socially acceptable. 🙂 You will find her running your training, hosting helpful webinars, assisting with executive business reviews, and designing your dashboards as part of the GDS21 Customer-for-Life program.

The Team

You will meet other members of our team during pre-engagement, as well as when you need support, customizations, and integrations. With our decades of experience, we have amassed the very best from our Lead Solutions Architect to the Director of our Northeast/New York Office. Regardless of with whom you are working, however, you will always have open access to, and hands-on attention from, Bo and Kimberly.