Modern Solutions

Today’s applications are about security, intuition, and ease of use. They are written specifically for the cloud environment and updated frequently to make innovation work for you. Open API encourages your apps to share data, allowing you to see the full picture.

Customer-Centered Multi-Tenancy

You may host multiple tenants on your instance if you choose, but your data is NOT sharing a database with your competitors or any other customers. You have a say in your upgrade scheduling and your data remains YOURS. Take a copy any time. Be certain what is meant when someone offers multi-tenancy.

360° Service

SaaS (Software as a Service) provides an opportunity for Global Data Solutions to focus on serving you, not selling you “stuff.” Included support, quarterly business reviews, and ongoing training are just some of the benefits enjoyed by all of our customers.

Resource-Based Licensing

You should get maximum value from your ERP solution – that means not being penalized with higher costs every time you add a user. Instead, our SaaS pricing model allows you to pay for the level of system resources your business needs today. When your business grows, you can scale your service accordingly.

True-Cloud Applications

FULL system access any time, anywhere, on any device. You have a mobile app option, which will utilize the native functionality of your device – thumbprint authentication, camera, touchscreen, push notifications…or use any standard web browser.

Hosting by AWS

Amazon Web Services has provided our customers with 99.999% uptime for the last four years. Their job is to know the latest in security needs and server optimization so you don’t have to. Make server hardware purchases and maintenance a thing of the past.